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House of 🥬 Greens Production was destined to bring stories to life.  The Art of Storytelling was passed down to me from a simple act of love from mother-to-daughter in the form of Storytelling!

As a toddler of a single mother storytelling was a very special time and one of the purest in my memories.  Time was precious and the act of sitting at the feet of momma with a book tale was something I looked forward upon

Usually it was the classics…and at closure one day momma finished to hearing me say “tell me more” and she did: the story evolved!   I guess I learned Improvisation as a child before learning what is was and a new storyline would come to life with new twists & turns.

As a kid going to Baltimore’s few  remaining old style Movie Theaters ( yes stage, curtains, and grande expectations).  These were:

1. The Hippodrome ( now a concerto Hall)

2. The Town

3. The Mayfair  

It was a right of passage every other paycheck momma would bring me and my younger sister on Friday evenings. As the heavy curtains opened for double Matinee we knew we were in for a treat with the second Story ( umm I mean film:)  often a unknown a suprise!  It could be anything (literally within the designated Rating) and at least for me it was half the fun: the unknown.  I would absorbed the scenes and stories liken to the Tales experienced as a kid. 


I’m grateful for my unique experience and for Baltimores last remaining Cinemas dedicated to allowing us the old school Theater-Film experience.   

But most importantly as a Creative Writer ✍🏽 (an inheritance from my mommy Barbara a gifted Writer ) and from Grandma ( an artist and part time actor whose audience was her grandchildren), I’m in awe of how these 2 women of color with limited resources and very challenged lives made time as caregivers to leave a legacy usually reserved for the privileged.

It’s probably inevitable that I would sprout 🌱 in this direction.

House of 🥬 Greens Productions is a passion with multi-generational layers and I’m truly blessed & fortunate to turn this passion into a career as a Creative. 

So stay tuned checking in sporadically & see what’s simmering in our pot to come!

I’m always looking to collaborate with other Creatives so you’re welcomed to connect and know that your vision, diversity, and intellectual property will be respected regardless if showcased with my Film House.

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Welcome to the website of House of 🥬 Greens (Films), where you will find folks passionate about giving back to Society in the form of Storytelling.  A place where Creatives involved in every facet of Storytelling are welcomed to be a part of the Story being told.
Explore this site to learn more about the founder’s inspiration of Storytelling, Highlights from contributing Creators, upcoming Projects, and watch us grow organically.  
IMAGINATION is the key to successful stories!  If you have a healthy imagination- let’s connect & discuss it.

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